Sum1 Investments

Short-term stokvel investments ADDing
long-term value

At Sum1 Investments we provide community based investing into everyday assets designed for stokvels.

Short-term stokvel investments ADDing
long-term value

At Sum1 Investments we provide community based investing into everyday assets designed for stokvels.

About Sum1

Short Term Stokvel Investments Adding Long Term Value.

Sum1 Investments provides short-term investments for Stokvels, Savings Groups and Individuals. Sum1 invests in income generating assets based predominantly in township and rural markets across South Africa through the Sum1 Stokvel. We believe in the power of the collective to create wealth and improve our communities.

Sum1 Stokvel Investments

We invest in alternative assets that are managed by our trusted investment partners with a proven-track record. Our assets are insurance-backed to ensure stokvel investments are protected.

Delivery Bikes


Livestock Farming

Small businesses


The Sum1 Stokvel provides Stokvels with compelling returns through exposure to alternative assets and the opportunity to transform rural and township economies through job creation and economic development. Sum1 Investments targets returns for Stokvels of 15% per year after fees.

How it works


Stokvels register on the website by clicking start investing.


Stokvels invest a minimum of R500p/m.


The money is invested in the Sum1 Stokvel for at least 12 months.

Cash Out

At the end of 13 months Stokvels have the option of withdrawing their investments.

SAVE, INVEST & EARN from here

SAVE, INVEST  & EARN from here

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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions?  We have the answers :

In order to start investing, you can:

  • Visit our website: and click start investing to sign-up .
  • Alternatively, you can go straight to the WebApp on: 

If you require assistance signing up, you can send a WhatsApp message to +27 68 519 4676 or email

Since inception in 2020, Sum1 Investment returns have been between 15-19 % per annum after fees. We target returns of at least 15% per annum. This is subject to asset performance and results may vary year on year.

  • R500  per month for a minimum of  12 months. 
  • Stokvels can increase their contributions anytime throughout the year.
  • Stokvels can also make lump sum investments.

Members have the option of withdrawing their investments after 13 months from their first contribution. This is typically January to January.  After 13 months, members may continue participating in the stokvels new cycle.

Sum1 Invests in a diversified and risk-managed portfolio of  income generating assets based predominantly in rural and township markets. This stokvel portfolio consists of the following assets: 

  • Delivery Bikes
  • Livestock farming
  • Crop Farming
  • Small Business

We invest in these assets because they are in high demand and can generate attractive returns in the short-term. 

Sum1 Investments facilitates the investment of members’ capital in assets e.g. a fleet of delivery bikes which are managed by an experienced fleet management company or farmers managing livestock on behalf of the stokvels.

The delivery bikes generate income from the delivery partner. At the end of the investment period, the bike is paid off by the delivery partner.

Sum1 receives the return which is proportionately shared amongst stokvel members based on their contributions.

Although no investment is without risk; Sum1 Investments  takes the necessary measures and precautions to reduce the risk by investing in a diversified portfolio (We invest in multiple regions, asset classes and with different investment partners.) 

Our investments are insurance- backed: By investing in assets, we are able to insure assets to protect them from unforeseen circumstances such as theft or damages.

Sum1 Investment charges a fixed management fee of 3% per annum on the total value of member contributions. This is used by Sum1 to cover costs associated with investment activities such as entering, managing and exiting investments.